Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vintage photos, altered art trading cards, and American Folk art inspiring me today.

Inspiring me today:

Today I have been looking at vintage photos, altered art trading cards, and American folk art. I am currently working on a group of paintings that are based on vintage children from pictures, with dog faces.I started this group last month.
I use the bodies from photos for inspiration and paint them on canvas.Then I can't help adding dog and cat faces.
Vintage photo collection on flicker
I started out using photos from the 1800's and 1900's. They are so static. They really give a folk art feel. The finished paintings are static, with the figure placed right in the forefront.
 I know I have been influenced by Frida Kahlo for years.http://www.fridakahlofans.com/
My paintings have turned out  funny and remind me of collage because the faces are not always in proportion to the bodies.The colors are vibrant, and I have been experimenting with color combination's.
These are some altered art trading cards I found at the site below:
 What are artist trading cards?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist_trading_cards
Altered art trading cards, and kids with wings:

I love American folk art as well. These 2 images are:

Joseph Whiting Stock - Girl Holding Miniature Basket of Flowers 1838 - 36 X 30

Joseph Whiting Stock - Master Henry Field 1844 
- 16 x 12
Both from this site selling prints:

American folk art

Just wait until I get my camera back and post my new painting of Gordon.

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