Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Red Queen

The Red Queen
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This inspirational artist, Lori Field, is the one I used for one exercise this week.
(See post below from a few days ago)

This is what I have been up to.Canvas size 16X20. (Not sure how big the original is, but I needed some space to 'get it all in')

This is just my under painting. I hope to lighten it up as I go along.
My first stage is a painted sketch. Then I block in basic colors. This is what I have done today.
My intent is not to copy. I just want to step into another 'room of discovery', and try some new textures and iconography.

The original is called Red Queen.This is my daughter with a deer/bird, and a mouse/bird. The picture I was inspired by is on rice paper, colored pencils, and encaustic wax. it will be a challenge to get the vapor quality with oil.(Or I will learn something new:)
I will keep you updated on the stages so you can see how it goes.
Update: I have tried to lighten it up. It was challenging because I wanted brighter colors. I changed the bird mouse in her hands to a white rabbit. I have to wait for this layer to dry before I can paint it in. I will also add more flowers in the bottom corner so the deer bird blends in.


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