Monday, September 28, 2009

Lolly the Lama Wondered Why Her Dollies Told Her To Light A Fire

This is One of my daily exercises!
Experiments in Mixed Media.
My printer is out of ink, so the photos printed out green.(Happy Accident, they look like spirits.)
I painted a 'Push me Pull You' a few days ago on a photo, and Lamas are on my mind.
I glued the photos on with gel medium, then brushed gel medium over it.
Just figured out the scanner, and got a new camera today! Lots to post.


  1. AMAZING!!! Did I ever tell you the story of how the llama bit my finger when I was 3 or 4 and we'd go to the Bowmanville zoo?? They're MEAN, but yours looks nice - unless she's going to THROW the dollies in the next scene - but I guess that's just me, projecting! : 0 )

  2. My poor Lolly lama could do anything.
    Perhaps she should toss those fire dollies.
    We need to question why her dollies actually are on fire.
    Are they dollies, spirits, little folk?
    Are they actually there?
    Is the poor lama a pyromaniac?
    Does the lama have mental health issues?
    Why did this title come to me as I painted this? lol