Monday, September 28, 2009

Babes in the Woods II

Babes in the Woods II
Originally uploaded by lori field

Source of inspiration for today's art!!
By Lori Field.Blog interview with the artist
I love love these pictures.
I am so glad I have a place to share my discoveries. Flicker has been a great source of inspiration.
These works are so soft and ethereal.
Again they feel like collage, and have animal heads. I have not researched the artist, but these feel like fantasy, dreams, fairy tails.
I am reminded of the themes I am exploring of creature comforts, imaginary friends,guardians, and spirits.
Discovering these artists really helps to distill what I am trying to communicate in some of my art.
I am off to get busy!!
I invite you to check out her photo stream and join me in today's Inspiration project!

Thank you Lori Field!

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