Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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This truly deserves the title of strange and luscious. I found this artist on flicker.
The artist said
"Something made after seeing too much Jan Svankmajer animation."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

ACEO Night Owl

ACEO Night Owl
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I have gone owl crazy, and did a bunch !
Available to trade as a print.
Original available on Etsy:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

'What Alice looked like to the caterpillar'

'What Alice looked like to the caterpillar'
Look what I did today!.lol

8"x10" mixed media collage painting on canvas.
'What Alice looked like to the caterpillar', or 'The amazing 2 headed girl goes down the rabbit hole'.
Fun collage of "the amazing two headed girl" from the 1900's, and an illustration off a playing card of the caterpillar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

humming bird girl

" www.studiobeerhorst.com
This in a new 8" x 10" oil painting on a wooden panel. The vintage dress she is wearing got this painting started because I wanted to put it into a picture."
Another from the series.


Another amazing find.
This one a series about spiritual vision.
"this 12" x 16" painting on a wooden panel is one of a series where I am exploring the idea of spiritual vision which goes beyond the the natural world though still connected to it."
You must go to this photo stream. Too amazing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Langley Marish, Berkshire

Kederminster Library, detail.
The Library was founded before 1631, when Sir John Kedermister's will allocated a number of additional books to the collection, which was for the benefit of "Ministers of the said town of Langley and such other of the County of Buckingham as resort thereto"

I love this detail. Strange and luscious for sure.
Check out this photo stream for more cool photos.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swap Bot cards-What fun!

A new batch of trading cards.
I cannot stop making them. It is addicting.
I joined a site called swap-bot. I have 5 swaps with 5 different people.
These are the cards I made.
My new addition is collaging on letters, and cupcakes. I also stamped a few.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Post Card, 4x6"-'Eye Robot'

Collage post card.
I love these robots. I just discovered how much there is to do with collage!

ATC Fan Fan -In Progress-traded

These are my art cards ready to be painted.

Gordon Artist Trading Card Project!

Gordon for Pippaandpom
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I have asked a bunch of Artists to make Gordon into an artist trading card. This is one of them posted on Flicker by the artist.She is in France.
(If you click on the photo or the link, it will take you to her photo stream.)
I am just starting to get them in the mail, and will post them in a gallery..
Oh the joy. I love it!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My brand new venture into 'Artist Trading Cards' !

My brand new  venture into 'Artist Trading Cards'!  (2.5"x3.5". These are almost real life size.)
I started sketching with pencil, painted with acrylic, then covered them in gel medium to seal it all .
I am really happy with the results. All of these cards have been traded. To set up a custom swap contact me!
I am also making ACEO's
What's an ACEO? It's an “Art Card Editions and Originals”. These affordable little works of art measure only 2.5" x 3.5" and are perfect for collecting, framing, and gifting!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1930's Shirley Temple Doll and Steiff bear.

These are a few of my favorite things.(Including the wooden mushrooms.)
I have been thinking about painting still life this week. I have not started, but I am thinking about it. ; )
I pulled these out, dusted them off, and took some pics in the back yard. I am going to work on still life groupings, and photograph them. Ideally I will paint from life!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Must Make Myself Accountable And Finish Some Paintings!

I am posting a months worth of my unfinished paintings so people will ask if I finished this one and that one....
Oh yea! Just go to my 'work in progress' set on flicker. This is a direct connection:


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Red Queen

The Red Queen
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This inspirational artist, Lori Field, is the one I used for one exercise this week.
(See post below from a few days ago)

This is what I have been up to.Canvas size 16X20. (Not sure how big the original is, but I needed some space to 'get it all in')

This is just my under painting. I hope to lighten it up as I go along.
My first stage is a painted sketch. Then I block in basic colors. This is what I have done today.
My intent is not to copy. I just want to step into another 'room of discovery', and try some new textures and iconography.

The original is called Red Queen.This is my daughter with a deer/bird, and a mouse/bird. The picture I was inspired by is on rice paper, colored pencils, and encaustic wax. it will be a challenge to get the vapor quality with oil.(Or I will learn something new:)
I will keep you updated on the stages so you can see how it goes.
Update: I have tried to lighten it up. It was challenging because I wanted brighter colors. I changed the bird mouse in her hands to a white rabbit. I have to wait for this layer to dry before I can paint it in. I will also add more flowers in the bottom corner so the deer bird blends in.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Lolly the Lama Wondered Why Her Dollies Told Her To Light A Fire

This is One of my daily exercises!
Experiments in Mixed Media.
My printer is out of ink, so the photos printed out green.(Happy Accident, they look like spirits.)
I painted a 'Push me Pull You' a few days ago on a photo, and Lamas are on my mind.
I glued the photos on with gel medium, then brushed gel medium over it.
Just figured out the scanner, and got a new camera today! Lots to post.

Babes in the Woods II

Babes in the Woods II
Originally uploaded by lori field

Source of inspiration for today's art!!
By Lori Field.Blog interview with the artist
I love love these pictures.
I am so glad I have a place to share my discoveries. Flicker has been a great source of inspiration.
These works are so soft and ethereal.
Again they feel like collage, and have animal heads. I have not researched the artist, but these feel like fantasy, dreams, fairy tails.
I am reminded of the themes I am exploring of creature comforts, imaginary friends,guardians, and spirits.
Discovering these artists really helps to distill what I am trying to communicate in some of my art.
I am off to get busy!!
I invite you to check out her photo stream and join me in today's Inspiration project!

Thank you Lori Field!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting on old paintings and photographs! I call this'altered'art.

the fight
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I discovered this today!
I have been 'altering' thrift store paintings for a while. I found this at Flicker. Please take a look at this artist's photo stream He does giant 'graffiti' wall murals.
Title: the fight
I really enjoy this.This is a painting on a photo.
Guess what I have been up to! I painted on photographs last night. I will put up as soon as I get a camera! I have 3 big thrift store painting finds ready to go. Can't wait!
I am going to photograph the paintings, paint on the photos. When I get the perfect 'addition' I will use the photo as a sketch and paint it on the big painting.
So fun.
This is my theme for today.
Come and Join me in this 'altered art' exercise.(I got my husband Steve interested, and he is doing them too.)
Then email me the results at
To see pictures of my Thrift store finds go to my direct link on flicker:
Here is one painted photo I did: 'The Zombie Sisters Learned to share when they got a Push Me Pull You'.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Must You Always Follow Me

Must You Always Follow Me
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I found this artist today on Flicker.'Sara Ogren' is her name.
I invite you to follow her photo stream. She has really inspired me today.
These images take you somewhere else. They are like dream- scapes, or fairy tales that haven't been told.
* I love collage and use to make paper dolls with animal faces.(These were planned paintings coming soon.)
As part of my process I have been making paper collages, with the intention to paint them.
*I love the immediate excitement of combined images, to create something new.
*I am so excited because it feels like this artist has been walking in my dreams,(Or I have been in hers). The more images I see, the more excited I feel about sketching, collage ,  and painting on photographs for my current series.
Today I realized my sketches could be good enough to show as a product! Can't wait to get out the camera
and take pictures of all the piles of stuff I have been saving for 20 years ;)

This is my theme for today's art project.
visit her blog: 
To see some of her artist trading cards i like,(ACEO'S) you can go to my other blog:
Would anyone like to join me to paint , collage, or mixed media a piece inspired by Fairy Tales that haven't been written?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inspiration and color! Today's theme: turquoise and red.

Couldn't help it, I had to post these great color combo inspirations.Blue and red.
the cherry red chair and blue walls is from   Apartment colections of color
The painting is by Maria Pace- Wynters at   http://www.mariapacewynters.com/

I found 2 model trains on my dad's blog that look beautiful together. I guess I am attracted to this sweet  red next to the blue, just like the leather chair in that blue room. I love toys. Did you see the blue room has a collection of Pez dispensers in the hall on the wall? (By the way those British locomotives are for sale, see this blog:)  RR Models-British outline engine repainted and detailed
Then I remembered these pictures!             

Girl found on flicker(Cannot find her again),Pink and green kitchen:http://retrorenovation.com/   

My new 'dogs in clothes' series, featuring Gordon my Boston Terrier.

This is how I am doing it right now. I found this picture of a little boy, and added my Boston terrier Gordon's head. (His ears are that big. He has some French Bulldog in him.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vintage photos, altered art trading cards, and American Folk art inspiring me today.

Inspiring me today:

Today I have been looking at vintage photos, altered art trading cards, and American folk art. I am currently working on a group of paintings that are based on vintage children from pictures, with dog faces.I started this group last month.
I use the bodies from photos for inspiration and paint them on canvas.Then I can't help adding dog and cat faces.
Vintage photo collection on flicker
I started out using photos from the 1800's and 1900's. They are so static. They really give a folk art feel. The finished paintings are static, with the figure placed right in the forefront.
 I know I have been influenced by Frida Kahlo for years.http://www.fridakahlofans.com/
My paintings have turned out  funny and remind me of collage because the faces are not always in proportion to the bodies.The colors are vibrant, and I have been experimenting with color combination's.
These are some altered art trading cards I found at the site below:
 What are artist trading cards?   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artist_trading_cards
Altered art trading cards, and kids with wings:

I love American folk art as well. These 2 images are:

Joseph Whiting Stock - Girl Holding Miniature Basket of Flowers 1838 - 36 X 30

Joseph Whiting Stock - Master Henry Field 1844 
- 16 x 12
Both from this site selling prints:

American folk art

Just wait until I get my camera back and post my new painting of Gordon.

Paintings of ghosts, guardians, and creature comforts.

I am at a loss right now because I don't have a camera.
I am crossing my fingers and hope to have current paintings up in the next few days.
I have been painting after a long hiatus. The biggest challenge is showing up for the muse. I need to force myself to sit and paint every day.I am trying a new thing with this blog so I am accountable. I will start a painting every day. I plan to post inspiration and process. My goal is at least 3 finished paintings a week!
I was digging through my files to find some pictures of paintings I have done. In the past I have started with a face. I just like to see what happens around it.
Here are 2 paintings from a series called creature comforts. I had been reading the Golden Compass way before it was made into a movie.(Sorry for the picture quality, I will shoot them again soon).

*The idea of souls outside the body, guardians, and creature comfort just grew in my brain.

Monday, September 21, 2009


This blog is under construction. Please be patient and check back soon!
Check out my paintings of dogs in clothes at Pippa and Pom Pet Portraits