Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painting on old paintings and photographs! I call this'altered'art.

the fight
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I discovered this today!
I have been 'altering' thrift store paintings for a while. I found this at Flicker. Please take a look at this artist's photo stream He does giant 'graffiti' wall murals.
Title: the fight
I really enjoy this.This is a painting on a photo.
Guess what I have been up to! I painted on photographs last night. I will put up as soon as I get a camera! I have 3 big thrift store painting finds ready to go. Can't wait!
I am going to photograph the paintings, paint on the photos. When I get the perfect 'addition' I will use the photo as a sketch and paint it on the big painting.
So fun.
This is my theme for today.
Come and Join me in this 'altered art' exercise.(I got my husband Steve interested, and he is doing them too.)
Then email me the results at
To see pictures of my Thrift store finds go to my direct link on flicker:
Here is one painted photo I did: 'The Zombie Sisters Learned to share when they got a Push Me Pull You'.

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