Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inspiration and color! Today's theme: turquoise and red.

Couldn't help it, I had to post these great color combo inspirations.Blue and red.
the cherry red chair and blue walls is from   Apartment colections of color
The painting is by Maria Pace- Wynters at

I found 2 model trains on my dad's blog that look beautiful together. I guess I am attracted to this sweet  red next to the blue, just like the leather chair in that blue room. I love toys. Did you see the blue room has a collection of Pez dispensers in the hall on the wall? (By the way those British locomotives are for sale, see this blog:)  RR Models-British outline engine repainted and detailed
Then I remembered these pictures!             

Girl found on flicker(Cannot find her again),Pink and green kitchen:   

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